Preparing a Babylist registry for your baby’s first birthday!

If your baby is approaching one, you may already be planning for their first birthday party. This is a huge milestone for your baby, but even more so for you! You made it through your first year as a parent and that’s a reason to celebrate! 

One of the things you may not be considering is creating a baby registry for their first birthday. There’s nothing worse than receiving a bunch of baby products your kid doesn’t need that you now have to store. 

Setting up a registry is easy, especially if you use a website such as Babylist which allows you to add items from multiple stores. Here’s a quick guide on setting up your baby registry and some items we recommend for your child’s first year of life!

How to add items to a Babylist registry 

Setting up your babylist registry is easy! If you don’t already have an account, you will need to sign up. Fill out a few details such as your name, child’s birthday, and the like. You can change the title of your registry to say your child’s first birthday once you’ve completed the sign up process.


Next you will start adding items to your registry. Babylist will direct you to add a link to your bookmarks titled “Add to Babylist”. When you’re shopping on Amazon, Target, or any other store online and want to add an item to your registry, simply click “add to Babylist” and that product will be added to your Babylist Registry.


What baby products should you register for? 

Big milestones are in your one-year old’s future such as walking, building, talking in 2-4 word sentences, identifying pictures when named, sorting shapes and colors, kicking a ball, and so much more! Read the full list of milestones that most children reach by 2 years old from the CDC here. When thinking about your baby registry, consider a few things… shoes & clothing, developmental toys/activities, and toddler proofing gear. 

Shoes and Clothing

  • Durable shoes are going to get good use once your baby starts walking, if they’re not already. Consider sandals, tennis shoes, and boots/dress shoes.
  • Clothing for the appropriate seasons. 
  • List the sizes of shoes and clothing at the top of your babylist registry description

Developmental Toys and Activities 

  • Engage their mobility and fine motor skills with items such as a crawl tunnel, balls, musical instruments, an activity walker, balance bicycles and a jungle gym. 
  • Develop their cognitive learning with baby puzzle sets, building blocks, musical instruments, letter magnets, ring stacking toys, and more books! 
  • Consider products such as a water table, wagon, or even a bicycle trailer for outside activity time with your child.


Toddler Proofing 

  • Items such as safety latches, baby gates, and edge / corner guards may be your saving grace for this upcoming year. 
  • This is also a great time to start incorporating the Buggie Huggie while shopping. If you don’t already have one, make sure to add one to your registry today!  
  • Check out our article about toddler proofing your home for more tips and ideas! 


Your baby may not remember their first birthday, but it will be a memory you’ll treasure for a lifetime! Happy planning and happy birthday to your little one, from your friends at Buggie Huggie!