Safe Shopping

The Buggie Huggie was designed to help keep your kiddos safely secured in the shopping cart. Sometimes, the buckles just don’t get the job done, or they’re broken or missing altogether.

And instead of chasing your kiddos down the aisles, keep them entertained with an activity using the Buggie Huggie. The tray makes it easy to provide a space that your child can enjoy a quick snack, play with toys, or watch a video on.

When bringing toddlers to the store, another challenge parents face is trying to keep them from touching everything, especially during a global pandemic.

The Buggie Huggie is made of BPA-Free plastic that can be quickly wiped down to help limit the germs your little one may encounter while shopping inside a store. After use, you can even throw your Buggie Huggie into the dishwasher.

Designed For Safety

❤️ Passed all safety tests with CPSC

❤️ BPA-free and food-grade material

❤️ Free from lead, heavy metals, and phthalates

❤️ Passed impact, torque, and tension tests

❤️ Load tested up to 80 pounds

Pediatricians Love the buggie huggie

Dr. Mark Towns

34 years as a Pediatrician

"The Buggie Huggie is a creative and convenient solution for every parent who, despite their best supervisory efforts, fears the risk of their child having an all-too-common fall from a shopping cart. In my 34 years as a Pediatrician, I know of far too many children with injuries from such accidents. Thankfully, our children can be more safely secured as well as entertained with the use of this supplemental restraint."

Dr. Asmaa Fotouh

32 years as a Pediatrician

"I am so fascinated with this new invention the Buggie Huggie. I think this family has found a solution for a problem that has been a source of trauma and injuries for many families since the invention of shopping carts (I experienced that myself with 2 of my children and will never forget these incidents). I do highly recommend the Buggie Huggie to be installed in every shopping cart. I actually do recommend it to be considered as a safety requirement for every store before getting licensed to operate so parents can finally relax and enjoy the shopping trip."

Dr. Lesley Davis

11 years as a Pediatrician

"The Buggie Huggie is a very innovative product. The Buggie Huggie could provide a favorable shopping experience. Parents want that "peace of mind" that their child is secured in the shopping cart, and this could be the solution."