The Struggle

Moms want to shop, but kids want to play. This creates a constant struggle that often leads to a total meltdown (sometimes for both of you).


Each year, over 24,000 kids in the US go to the ER from shopping cart injuries.

Our survey found the #1 challenge moms faced while shopping was their child trying to stand up in the cart.

The Buggie Huggie™ Shopping Cart Tray can help secure your child in the seat with its double-latch safety system and extra “hugging” restraint layer.


Meltdowns happen when kids get frustrated by things they can’t do, so let’s give them more options for what they can do while you shop.

The Buggie Huggie™ can help entertain your child with its spacious tray for snacks or coloring, hooks to attach their favorite toy or pacifier, and even an optional phone holder accessory to set up their favorite show or educational program.

Shopping with
your toddler will
never be the same!