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National Siblings Day!

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National Siblings Day is coming up over the weekend, so we want to shout out to all the parents raising two or more kiddos under the same roof! Here at Buggie Huggie, we know shopping with one toddler is tricky enough, but as soon as you add multiple little ones, it can become a full-time job keeping everyone safe & entertained in the store together!

Beyond public outings, it’s important to establish a strong, dependable relationship among your children as they begin to understand their roles as siblings. Here are some tips to encourage your kids to get along better, both in and out the grocery store:

National Love Our Children Day!

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Each month, there are lots of nationally recognized days… but this month is special because it is all about our children! In fact, ‘National Love Our Children Day’ is celebrated annually in April to help raise awareness & educate families toward healthier & happier times together.

The pressures of parenting can be overwhelming for stressed out families who are already facing tons of other challenges. Our mission at Buggie Huggie is to help reduce that stress on parents so that they can have more peaceful time connecting and enjoying their kids. No parent is perfect, so we have to help each other by sharing encouragement, wisdom, and resources that help us when parenting gets hard. Continue reading for tips on how to connect with your little ones!

Celebrating National Crayon Day with Your Little One!

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We are all about celebrating the little things here at Buggie Huggie, and who doesn’t love a fun, creative coloring session?! Since National Crayon Day is March 31 and Easter is just a few days later on April 4, let’s make some adorable Easter art with our littles!

How To Keep Kids Smiling Bright (Even In The Grocery Store!)

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Have you ever thought about how our smiles are with us for life? A smile is one of the best ways to meet someone new or show someone we care about ...

Easy Tips for Shopping (& Baking!) With Your Toddler

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Did you know February is “Bake for Family Fun Month”? With winter weather still lingering, and Valentine’s Day goodies to get ready, it is a great ...

When Can My Baby Sit in the Seat of a Shopping Cart?

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I wish I had a list of everything I googled during my first year as a new mom -- I had so much to learn about stages of development!

4 Benefits of Shopping & Social Skills for Your Child

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Keeping kids safe is one of our core values, but we also know how important (and fun!) it is to help kids play & develop well along their journey.