National Love Our Children Day!

Each month, there are lots of nationally recognized days… but this month is special because it is all about our children! In fact, ‘National Love Our Children Day’ is celebrated annually in April to help raise awareness & educate families toward healthier & happier times together.

The pressures of parenting can be overwhelming for stressed out families who are already facing tons of other challenges. Our mission at Buggie Huggie is to help reduce that stress on parents so that they can have more peaceful time connecting and enjoying their kids. No parent is perfect, so we have to help each other by sharing encouragement, wisdom, and resources that help us when parenting gets hard. Continue reading for tips on how to connect with your little ones!


Tip 1: Build a Rhythm of Talking About All Kinds of Experiences

Although you spend a lot of time with your child, they may not think to tell you every detail of their time away from you (whether that is at school, daycare, playdates, or other events). Asking open-ended questions to learn more about their experiences helps build a relationship of trust & respect from an early age. This will help your kids develop a natural rhythm of sharing with you, making it easier for you to catch important details without prying or forcing them to share.


Tip 2: Slow Down & Focus with Thoughtful Questions and Answers 

It’s important that your child feels comfortable enough to be honest and transparent with you about anything and everything. This often starts with you fully focusing on asking your child thoughtful questions, and really paying attention to their answers. It can be easier said than done to make time (and have patience) to do this, but it’s so worth it. Try starting with questions like “How was your day? What did you do today? What are your friend’s names? How did (those friends) make you feel?” This will get the conversation flowing freely, and it will reinforce to your child that you really care when they are telling you what’s important to them. 


Tip 3: Reward Them (And Yourself) With A Buggie Huggie!

In celebration of “National Love Our Children Day,” you can reward your child with a Buggie Huggie to keep them entertained and occupied while you’re grocery shopping! It’s also a great opportunity to be face-to-face with your child so you can learn more about them and have meaningful conversations while they color, eat a snack, or watch TV on their tablet! 

The Buggie Huggie has been just one great resource for our own family to put the fun back into shopping with kids again, and we want to bring less stress and more safety back into YOUR shopping experience, too!!


Since we're a family of faith here at The Buggie Huggie, we also want to wish everyone a Happy Easter & Resurrection Sunday this weekend! We hope you and your loved ones are able to enjoy some good weather, good treats, and make special memories together.

To celebrate all that God has done, we wanted to bless you with a special Easter SALE -- 20% off your order of $50+ when you use the code EASTERLOVE  -- here's to loving our kids the way God loves us!

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