Q. How safe is the Buggie Huggie™?

A. We designed the Buggie Huggie™ with toddler safety as the highest priority. We are proud to say the Buggie Huggie™ has passed all testing requirements with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. We can’t guarantee that your little one can’t get out of a shopping cart seat now, but it sure will be a whole lot harder. Let’s be honest; some kids were born to be escape artists.

Q. Is it Food Safe?

A. Yes, the material of the shopping tray is a BPA-free and food-grade plastic; it’s totally safe to eat on.

Q. Is it dishwasher safe?

A. Yes, it can withstand temperatures up to 190 degrees, but it’s just as simple to wipe it down.

Q. Does it fit every shopping cart?

A. The Buggie Huggie™ works with 85-90% of the shopping carts at major retailers and big box stores like Walmart, Target, CostCo, Home Depot, Dollar General, etc. However, some shopping carts were designed to be a little too fancy for us, especially at some of the smaller specialty stores or grocery chains. If the Buggie Huggie™ doesn’t fit securely onto the shopping cart, DO NOT use it. Like you, the safety of our little ones is our highest priority.

Q. Is there a recommended age range or weight limit?

A. The Buggie Huggie™ is designed for toddlers who are able to sit upright unassisted (as early as 9 months) up until 48 months (no more than 50 pounds). If your child sits too low in a shopping cart seat, feel free to put a cushion of some kind underneath them.

Q. Is it hard to mount the Buggie Huggie™ onto a shopping cart?

A. No, most moms can do it in less than 15 seconds, but there’s a super mom in Arizona who can do it in 4.6 seconds!

Q. Can the Buggie Huggie™ be used with a shopping cart cover?

A. Yes, although the Buggie Huggie™ is meant to stand alone, you can secure it over and on top of a standard shopping cart cover as well.

Q. How is the Buggie Huggie™ different?

A.Most products pertaining to shopping with kids focus on either shopping cart safety or entertainment; the Buggie Huggie™ is designed to do both. It helps secure and entertain your little one, while bringing back some of your peace of mind.

Q. Does it fit into a diaper bag?

A. When completely folded up, the Buggie Huggie™ is 13 inches by 12 inches by 3.5 inches, which fits into most larger diaper bags or reusable shopping bags. Some moms use a carabiner to clip the Buggie Huggie™ onto their bag instead.

Q. What does the product weigh?

A. It’s a little over 2 pounds, even your toddler can carry it!

Q. What is Gifted Arrows®?

A. Gifted Arrows® is our overarching company. We plan on launching multiple products to help moms, with the Buggie Huggie™ being the first. Arrows are a biblical metaphor for children, and we believe that every child is a gift, hence the name Gifted Arrows®!