When Can My Baby Sit in the Seat of a Shopping Cart?

I wish I had a list of everything I googled during my first year as a new mom -- I had so much to learn about stages of development! 

Of course, once I began learning, then I had a new problem: now, I was constantly worried that my child was already behind/might fall behind in his benchmarks for normal, healthy development.

I recommend finding a knowledgeable & compassionate pediatrician who helps you know where your child is relative to benchmarks without making you stress too much about “catching up.”

When can my baby sit in the seat of a shopping cart?

According to the CDC Milestone Checklists, many babies begin sitting without support anywhere from 6 months – 9 months.

Now, I’m not an expert, but I do know this): every child is different. Just because your baby hasn’t hit the average benchmark for a child their age does NOT mean you need to go into panic-crisis mode and fast forward to a life of misery and failure for your little one. Talk to your pediatrician about any concerns, and give yourself and your child grace to move forward.

So, what’s the solution when baby is strong enough to sit without support?

If you’ve been looking for a shopping cart hammock alternative or something to supplement your shopping cart cover, then we’d love to invite you to try the Buggie Huggie™!


As the creators of the Buggie Huggie™, we are excited to offer you a lockable shopping tray that secures your child. We only recommend the Buggie Huggie™ shopping cart tray for children who are able to sit upright unassisted up to 48 months (or 40 pounds / 18 kilograms).

We are so sure you will love the Buggie Huggie™ better than other shopping tray alternatives, we even offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on every purchase.

Let’s remind ourselves (and each other) that each kid takes their own journey, in their own timing, toward the skills & behaviors that give them a meaningful experience as an adult. 

And as soon as you are comfortable with your child sitting without support, we’d love to be part of their journey toward the next season of milestones, helping keep them safe & happy on every shopping trip with you.

See what the fuss is about – shopping with your kids will never be the same!