Celebrating National Crayon Day with Your Little One!

We are all about celebrating the little things here at Buggie Huggie, and who doesn’t love a fun, creative coloring session?! Since National Crayon Day is March 31 and Easter is just a few days later on April 4, let’s make some adorable Easter art with our littles!

Studies show that coloring positively impacts learning, boosts creativity, and reduces stress. Researchers found that coloring for 20 minutes or more can lead to higher levels of energy, focus, contentment, and mindfulness. In addition, coloring and drawing both help kids improve fine motor skills. This simple activity can have a big impact…even on you, Mom! 

So here are a couple ideas for enjoying coloring-time together this week:

  1. Celebrate coloring-on-the-go with Buggie Huggie! Whatever last minute Easter items you need to shop for, don’t hesitate to bring your little one shopping with you in the Buggie Huggie! Our shopping cart tray is perfect for spreading out a coloring sheet and a few favorite crayons to keep your toddler busy & happy while you browse your favorite decor and desserts for your Easter celebration
  2. Sit down for a whole family coloring session. Adult coloring books are a mega-trend the past few years because they promote calmness and relaxation! Leverage that feeling with the whole family by gathering everyone around the table for coloring time! You can find Easter-themed coloring sheets and puzzles with a quick Pinterest search, and you can even give out stickers as each person finishes their page! Coloring is a great, relaxing way to have a focused activity, but still have an easy time talking & laughing together. Don’t forget to hang up the finished projects on the fridge or somewhere in the home. Positive reinforcement will encourage them to embrace their artistic skills with pride!
  3. If you’re feeling ambitious, overlap some school readiness skills with coloring. There’s lots of ways to gently prepare (or reinforce) preschool skills while you’re still having fun! Notice how your child holds the crayon, and ask them to try a new way. Write out your child’s name in pen at the top, and invite your child to trace over each letter with the crayon. Encourage your child to name basic colors as you point to them, or let them point after you name the colors. No high pressure, just simple practice & reinforcement while you’re already enjoying the activity together. In fact, combining educational information with fun activities can make learning easier and more memorable for your child!

Coloring together is just one of many ways you can connect with your child, but sometimes, the simplest things have the biggest impact. Your toddler will one day become a teenager, and then become a tired adult (just like us)! You’ll be so grateful for every moment you spent enjoying that delightful human being for who they uniquely are through each season of their growth & development. Who knows -- coloring could become a lifelong hobby that you can continuing enjoying through every age & stage!

Happy Coloring Day, Mom -- the best is always yet to come!

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