National Siblings Day!

National Siblings Day is coming up over the weekend, so we want to shout out to all the parents raising two or more kiddos under the same roof! Here at Buggie Huggie, we know shopping with one toddler is tricky enough, but as soon as you add multiple little ones, it can become a full-time job keeping everyone safe & entertained in the store together!

Beyond public outings, it’s important to establish a strong, dependable relationship among your children as they begin to understand their roles as siblings. Here are some tips to encourage your kids to get along better, both in and out the grocery store:

Tip 1: Teach Forgiveness

If you have all boys, all girls, or some of each, they can sometimes be best friends or worst enemies. Trying to maintain the peace and make sure that everyone gets along is something that all moms and dads must constantly keep an eye on. The best thing about raising siblings is that the good relationship skills they build now can last a lifetime between them and improve other relationships in the future, as well. 

Having a sibling can be one of the biggest support systems if they learn to love each other unconditionally. So it’s important that we as parents establish ways that help them thrive together, rather than allowing too much comparison or competition. Children make mistakes just like the rest of us, so make sure to teach forgiveness and understanding within the family for stronger connections all the way around!


Tip 2: Practice Strong Communication

When you have two or more children, communication is key so that everyone’s voices are heard. Middle child syndrome is real, and in order to prevent your children from feeling ignored or excluded, make sure that everyone in the family values communication and practices good listening skills!

When one of your kiddos begins to share something with the family, encourage others to listen, offer reassurance, congratulate achievements, and be open to differences. This will help everyone become more open-minded and understanding when it comes to sibling relationships. In fact, sometimes, children feel safer confiding in their siblings rather than other friends and family. What’s most important is that they know they have someone they can trust to talk to about anything and everything!


Tip 3: Let Buggie Huggie Help!

Shopping with multiple little ones doesn’t have to be a nightmare anymore! If your kids are acting rather rambunctious, you can keep them occupied with the one and only Buggie Huggie! Our shopping cart tray will keep your toddlers safe and sound in the grocery store so you can focus on getting the essentials. Say bye-bye to tantrums, screams, and stressful situations by adding a Buggie Huggie to your shopping cart to help secure your babies as you stroll around the store! Children often lose interest in bickering and arguing when they have something better to do, like coloring, playing games, or eating a snack together. 

Celebrate National Sibling Day by bringing your kiddos closer together with relationship-building activities, family gatherings, and even educational lessons that help make great memories. This national day is all about celebrating and honoring the special siblings in our lives, so let’s set our kiddos up for the kinds of sibling friendships they can cherish forever! 

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