Infant Transition to Toddler | Developmental Growth and Parenting Tips!

Through every phase of our child’s life it’s so important to appreciate the season they’re in and understand the changes they’re little bodies are going through. 

Toddler Development and Growth

One of the most challenging stages of raising young children is the infant transition to toddler stage. The 12-18 month phase is sometimes referred to as a “pre-toddler”. In this period your child is now capable of storing memories, imitating things, walking with ease (or begin walking if they haven’t already), and their fine motor skills are being refined.

Their independence is growing and with that comes many social, emotional and behavioral shifts. Tantrums and frustrated outbursts now become part of your toddler’s daily life. According to the Wonder Weeks, some researchers believe that one reason this happens may be because pre-toddlers cannot control their feelings due to their brain not being fully developed. This does not mean you allow for the tantrums to happen, but it can help you understand the changes happening in your child and how to properly approach them. 

Tips for navigating the infant to toddler transition 

Involve your toddler in daily tasks 

It’s within the context of a trusted environment that your child can explore and learn. At this age your toddler is eager to be part of your daily tasks. While you’re working on something around the house, give them a part to play. It will be messy, but taking time to teach your child small tasks around the house is going to not only foster a great relationship with you and your child, but also give them the tools to become more independent.


Help them with transitions 

Transitioning from one activity to the next can be the biggest trigger for your pre-toddler. 

Make sure to give your child plenty of warning before moving to new activities. Consider using a timer to help them know when it’s time to move on to something new. This is a game-changer for growing toddlers.

Set limits 

The social/emotional side of your child’s brain is developing rapidly, so now is a critical time to start setting limits for your adventurous toddler. With much repetition, affirmation, and patience, your child will begin to recognize the boundaries you’ve set up for them. Stay calm and stay consistent. 

Toddler growth and development is full of surprises and can push parents to their limit, but it’s a perfect opportunity to depend on God to guide you through each challenge with your child. We at the Buggie Huggie™ are cheering you on as parents! Keep up the good work.! 


With peace and hope, 

Nichole and the Buggie Huggie™ Family