How to avoid shopping cart accidents

Did you know that 24,000 children are seen each year in emergency rooms in the United States for injuries related to shopping cart accidents? And 250,000 kids a year are hurt in shopping cart accidents. Shocking statistics, right? In fact, the leading cause of all shopping cart related injuries was falls from the cart. Today we want to share with you a few tips for keeping your kids safe while you shop. 

Always buckle your child in the seat. As moms we get distracted easily but buckling our kids in the shopping cart is one thing we don’t want to forget. If you find the shopping cart has a missing buckle or a buckle that is broken, make sure to find a shopping cart with a properly functioning buckle before taking off to the store. 

Siblings can cause shopping cart accidents. A big cause of shopping cart accidents is siblings riding on the sides of the cart and tipping the cart. Especially with a baby or young toddler inside the cart, this can become extremely dangerous and lead to head injuries and a trip to the ER. If at all possible, make sure your older children do not ride on the sides or inside the shopping cart to prevent carts from tipping. Read more on our blog about shopping with multiple children.  

Stay with your shopping cart at all times. This may sound obvious but leaving your shopping cart unattended with a child inside, even with siblings overseeing, can cause accidents. Kids are quick and before you know it they’ve figured out a way to wiggle out of their buckle and escape the cart. Staying close to your cart will prevent most accidents from happening.


Use the Buggie Huggie! The biggest challenge parents face is their toddler always trying to stand up in the shopping cart seat. Even with a seatbelt on, kids are notorious for being able to wiggle out of them. Many times seatbelts are broken, torn or missing altogether. And it always seems to be the shopping cart right next to where you park! That’s why we created the Buggie Huggie. Designed to help secure kids while shopping, its double latch safety system adds an extra layer of security for your child while seated in the shopping cart. Not only does the Buggie Huggie provide safety for your toddler but also adds an element of fun to their shopping experience with the shopping cart tray. Attach their favorite toy, give them a snack, or even let them color or play with playdough on the tray while you shop! 

Shopping with toddlers and multiple children isn’t always easy, but with the Buggie Huggie you can have the peace of mind knowing your toddler is safe and entertained while you shop!