How to Connect with Your Kids During Shopping

Who doesn’t want to be the mom who has strong and healthy relationships with her kids? We look everywhere for tips & tricks to connect with our kids. We chat with our family & friends; we listen to podcasts; we click on article after article, looking for the perfect solution.

In my experience with solutions, the simpler something is, then the better it usually works for me. If something is easy to start doing, you’re more likely to continue doing it.

When it comes to the daily grind of mom life, there are always drop-offs & pick-ups, and errands. We all know that shopping with kids can be a real challenge, but what if you could reframe your perspective? Instead of dreading taking your toddler with you into stores, what if you treated it like connecting time?


Because we love you, here’s a couple easy ways you can help yourself enjoy shopping with your kids again! 

  1. What color is this?

An oldie, but a goodie. As toddlers become aware and able to express different colors, the shopping experience is a great way to reinforce that learning. Simply point to an item (bold, true, primary colors are best, of course), and invite the child to tell you what color it is. Alternatively, you can point & say that color of items as you add them to your cart and invite your child to repeat it with you. 

  1. ABC game

Another tried-and-true favorite. You can point out “A is for apple” “B is for banana” “C is for cauliflower” etc., inviting the child to repeat after you. You can also invite the child to say other words starting with the letter. You could even use a simple alphabet sheet on their Buggie Huggie™ to point to as they become more familiar with the shape of the letters! (Look at you now, educational champion Mama!)

  1. The Buggie Huggie™

Our shopping cart tray is quite multi-talented in options for connecting with your child! We also know that sometimes, your child just needs to dive into their own task for a minute while you decide if you’d rather use strawberries or blueberries in that new dessert recipe you pinned. 

The Buggie Huggie™ shines in anchoring your child in their own activities -- snack, toy time, activity sheet, or even a quick Paw Patrol episode if you have the phone holder add-on – so that you can focus on your activities.


The challenges of shopping with kids is real, but so are the rewards. Enjoy the days when you can enjoy shopping with your child, and don’t sweat it when you can’t.

Besides, there’s no need to entertain everyone all the time on your own, Mom - let the Buggie Huggie™ help!