Sensory aid for a child with special needs while grocery shopping

For 15 years now, April 2 has been dedicated to Autism Awareness Day. Throughout the entire month of April, organizations and individuals across the globe raise public awareness for Autism and host events to educate the local communities on Autism.  

According to the Centers for Disease Control, autism affects an estimated 1 in 44 children in the United States today. Autism is often accompanied by various sensory sensitivities, whether hypersensitive (over-responsiveness) or hyposensitive (under-responsiveness). These sensitivities can make it difficult for a child/adult with autism to adapt to environments such as school, work, community settings, and especially an overstimulating place like the grocery store.

Many children use sensory aids such as headphones, sunglasses, fidget toys, or weighted blankets to help keep them balanced while in such heavily stimulated places. Many parents of toddler aged children who have autism or other special needs have difficulty maintaining safety for their child while in public places such as at the grocery store.


If you’re a parent needing a sensory aid for your child with special needs while at the grocery store, we have the solution for you! The Buggie Huggie was designed to help keep your kiddos safely secured in the shopping cart. Sometimes, the buckles just don’t get the job done, or they’re broken or missing altogether. The Buggie Huggie is a shopping cart tray which attaches in two locations on the cart (the back of the seat and on the handlebars) ensuring your child cannot escape the cart. 

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The Buggie Huggie tray can be the perfect solution for your toddler with special needs for both safety and comfort. Easily attach your child’s favorite fidget toy to the tray or provide their favorite snack or educational show using the Phone Holder accessory while you shop.


With your child using the Buggie Huggie, they are not only safe but happily engaged with the things that bring them the most comfort in such a highly-stimulating environment. As a company it is our mission to empower parents with tools that help reduce stress, build confidence, and help keep kids safe. We hope the Buggie Huggie can be a new tool to add to your tool box with your child with special needs. As we celebrate Autism this month and raise awareness, let’s do what we can to make this world a kinder place for all.