Shopping with multiple young children and toddlers | Safety tips

Did you know that 250,000 kids every year get hurt from shopping cart accidents? Typically those accidents involve the cart tipping or a kid falling out of the cart. The top concern moms shared with us when we were developing the Buggie Huggie was the fear of their child climbing out of the cart when they weren’t looking. 

Today we want to share a few safety rules and tips to make shopping with multiple children safe and fun.

Safety first!

1. Buckle up. Make sure all children are properly buckled in the shopping cart at all times. If there are broken buckles, find a cart that has all functioning buckles.

2. No riding in or on the sides of the cart. Do not let your children of any age ride on the sides of the cart or sit/stand inside of the shopping cart. Shopping carts tip and kids climb so keep your kids safe and yourself sane by not allowing either of these things.

3. Baby safety. A baby can sit in the shopping cart seat as soon as they’re able to sit up unassisted, as early as 6 months. If you have an infant who is not yet sitting up, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises you to not put the car seat in the shopping cart or prop it on the top of the cart. Instead, use a baby carrier or a stroller if bringing your baby to the store with you.

4. Proper driver. Don’t let bigger kids push the cart with children seated in the cart. An adult should always push the cart if children are in the cart.

    **For a full list of safety precautions for shopping by the American Academy of Pediatrics, click here.

    Other shopping tips

    1. Come prepared with snacks, drinks, and toys for your kids to occupy themselves when you’re shopping. Use the Buggie Huggie food-safe tray for your kids to eat snacks while you shop in peace.

    2. Time your trip based on your kids' nap schedule and eating routine. Going earlier in the day typically is easier on kids’ behavior and on the busyness of the store. 

    3. Use the Buggie Huggie! Our innovative shopping cart tray can help eliminate your fear of shopping cart accidents. If you have more than one child between the ages of 1-4 you can use two Buggie Huggies at once if you’re using a double seated cart! Keep your kids happy and safe while you shop stress-free!