Are germs good for my kid?

If you’re a parent you know that from the time your child is a baby, they love to get into the dirtiest places. If you're a parent, you’ve also had to grapple with the question of germs and cleanliness. How dirty is too dirty? How much sanitization is truly necessary? Are germs actually good for my kid? Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about it! 

Are germs good for my kid? Research suggests that “exposing infants to germs may offer them greater protection from illnesses such as allergies and asthma later on in life.” In other studies they have found that children who have attended daycare, grew up on a farm, or who have older siblings seem to have lower rates of allergies. Many germs we interact with are not only harmless but actually can help build our immune system! Preventing your child from getting the flu or another virus by maintaining cleanliness and distance is absolutely important and necessary, but the everyday germs we expose our children to at the grocery store, in school, or outside in the dirt are in fact great for your child’s health!

Where’s the balance? Each parent has to decide for themselves and their child what’s best when it comes to their child’s exposure to germs. If you’d rather be on the safe side while shopping in the grocery store, products such as a shopping cart cover or the Buggie Huggie™ will help minimize the germs your child touches (or even tastes) while you shop. Most grocery stores provide sanitizing wipes upon entering the store which is very convenient for those wanting to protect from germs, viruses, etc. 

Let’s get our kids out! In the last few years there has been such an increase of fear when it comes to exposing our children to germs. The reality is, kids need to get out! They need to experience the world and their bodies in fact need good germs to help build their immunity. If you haven’t in a while, take your kid to the grocery store with you, let them make a mess in the dirt, let them explore, and be a kid! 

If you’re a parent of toddlers and are looking for a way to keep your child safe and entertained so you can shop in peace, the Buggie Huggie™ is here for you! Check out our innovative product here.

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