Fun summer activities to do with toddlers

Summer is finally here! Hello to long days in the sun and lots of toddler fun! Filling up your summer with fun activities for your children can be intimidating but it’s so essential to creating the best learning opportunities for your child. We’re here to help. In this blog we share some of our favorite indoor and outdoor activities for you to enjoy this summer with your littles. 

Water activities for summer

Some of my fondest memories of the summer are the days we spent playing with the hose, jumping on the trampoline with ice cubes, or chasing my siblings around with buckets of water! Water is everything in the summer! Here are some of our favorite water activities that encourage both sensory play and gross/fine motor skills. 


Animal bath sensory bin - Little Learning Club  

Pouring station - Busy Toddler 

Color sorting water bin - Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds

Ice block shark hunt - Glitter on a dime 

Other fun activities to do with your child could be filling up their kiddie pool with various toys, sponges, balls and let them go to town! What about teaching your toddler or preschooler how to clean the car? Any excuse to get wet and learn something new can fill up your time and make great memories this summer! 

Art activities for summer 

If your child is anywhere from 18 months and older, they will absolutely LOVE making a little artistic mess this summer. It’s best to plan these art activities outside or use a shower curtain liner underneath to help with messy clean up. Here are a few of our favorite art activities! 


Paint with shaving cream - Happy Hooligans

Squirt Painting - Fireflies and Mudpies 

Rock painting - Sixth Bloom

Frozen Paint - Busy Toddler 

Food crafts for summer

Nothing screams summer than homemade popsicles and messy watermelon right after a refreshing swim! Here are a few fun snack crafts for your toddler to enjoy this summer! 


Homemade popsicles - Yummy Toddler Food

Fruit loop or candy necklace - Design Improvised

ABC Jello sensory bin - Busy Toddler

Yogurt Paint - Merry Cherry 

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