Teaching our kids to be thankful

The holidays are upon us and you’ve probably begun to make plans for Thanksgiving dinner - the turkey, the side dishes, the desserts, the decor, the guests, the drinks, the centerpieces, the family drama, the clean up, the kids behaving and... I think you get the point. The holidays can be overwhelming especially with kids. But today we want to give you a few practical tips on how to make the most out of your Thanksgiving by showing your children how to be thankful!

Be the example. It all starts with us. Before we can train our kids, we first have to train ourselves to be thankful in all things. If our kids hear us complain about what we don’t have, or about the annoying family member coming for Thanksgiving, etc… they will likely follow suit.  On the contrary, when we keep a positive outlook on life, giving thanks in every situation, they will start to catch on! As hard as it may be, our example is the best training for our kids in having an attitude of gratefulness.

Make it fun. Kids love to play. And playing is learning! How can you make being thankful fun? Sing a song with your toddler when they’re on the verge of a meltdown (think songs like… “This is the day that the Lord has made!”) What about playing a game where your child thinks of something they’re grateful for using every letter of the alphabet? This could definitely get interesting! Your child will soon learn that being thankful actually is fun and brings them more joy than complaining.

Write it down. Take time with your kids to write down what they are grateful for. Consider making a Thanksgiving craft that can be on display for Thanksgiving dinner! Here’s a great Thanksgiving garland that might be the perfect craft for your family! Another idea is to use craft paper on the Thanksgiving table where everyone can write down what they’re thankful for while they eat their Thanksgiving meal.

Gratitude is a quality we all desire to see in our children and Thanksgiving can be a great opportunity to hit the reset button with your family and practice giving thanks.

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