5 activities for toddlers to do while shopping!

Shopping with infants has its own challenges, but shopping with toddlers is next level challenging. They reach, whine, wiggle, and just want to play! During the toddler stage, your child is growing leaps and bounds in cognitive skills, mobility, and language learning. Why not let shopping be an opportunity to develop those skills?  

Here are 5 fun activities that you can try with your toddler on your next grocery store run! Have fun! **Bonus Grocery Store Bingo print out below!

1. ABC Game

Find items in the grocery store starting with the letters of the alphabet from A to Z. According to Scholastic, most children learn to recognize letters between ages 3 and 4. The grocery store is a great place to encourage language learning and recognizing letters in the alphabet. 

If you’re shopping with multiple kids you can either make it a race to find each letter or take turns finding the letters together.


2. Shopping List 

    Let your child mark off items on your shopping list after you’ve put them in your shopping cart. If you’re using a smartphone for your grocery list, put emojis next to the item so that they can identify the item with pictures. Don’t forget you can use your Buggie Huggie™ Phone Holder to easily attach your phone while monitoring your shopping list. 


    3. Coloring / Playdough 

      With the Buggie Huggie™ you can bring along your child’s favorite coloring book or playdough for them to use while you shop. Encourage them to color or mold items they see in the grocery store while you shop or just let their imagination run wild with their favorite coloring book.


      4. Eye Spy  

      Color recognition is a great skill to practice with your growing toddler, so why not practice at the grocery store? This game is especially helpful when waiting in a long line. Say, “I spy with my little eye something [insert color]”. Then your child will guess the item until they pick the right answer! 

      5. Sticker Bingo 

      Bring your child’s favorite sticker sheet and play bingo while you walk around the store! As your child finds a food item, have them mark it off with a sticker until they have three in a row. This activity would work great when using a Buggie Huggie™ shopping cart tray!