Are You Making These 3 Shopping Mistakes With Your Kids?

I never dreamed that I would be giving help for parents while shopping with kids. A few years ago, I was just another stressed out mom that needed help; I couldn’t imagine how I could possibly help others! 

But as our family started developing the Buggie Huggie™, I started seeing ways I could change my perspective. It took time and creativity and patience, but eventually, the positive changes became clear.

I was making simple mistakes that I didn’t even realize, and it was costing me a lot of peace & hope, especially when taking my kids shopping with me.

I love to share things as I’m still learning them, so let’s look at 3 shopping mistakes you might be making with your kids and how to change your perspective. 

Mistake # 1. You didn’t bring anything to keep them busy. 

Growing kids are some of the most curious & adventurous beings on the planet. We know it’s good for their development to let them experience the world in new ways. The problem is that when we’re in a rush while shopping, it can quickly become a clash of willpower - you want to shop, they want to play. It usually doesn’t take a lot to keep toddlers occupied - a simple snack, a beloved toy, or an easy coloring sheet can often last longer than you think. 

And before you think we’re trying to add MORE things to your to-do list, you could just let the Buggie Huggie™ shopping cart tray help keep kids safe & happy for you! 


Mistake # 2. You only talk to them in frustration. 

This is a guilt-free zone, so please don’t feel any judgment. But if there’s ever a perfect storm of public frustration, it’s in the grocery store. Think about it: you’re both surrounded by sights, sounds, smells, and crowds of’re making hundreds of purchasing decisions every minute (and finances can be stressful sometimes!)..and all too often, we’re subconsciously comparing ourselves to the thinner, prettier, sweeter-seeming Mama (and her “precious moments” children) down the aisle. No wonder we can get so on edge with our kids so quickly when they get a little fidgety & cranky! This is why we love the power of using positive music on your phone as you shop, or even humming & singing with your child -- music was designed to help lift our spirits and loosen our moods so that we can bend a lot more before we break. (In fact, it’s a big part of why we created the phone holder add-on for the Buggie Huggie™!) Yes, we’re always gonna have moments of frustration at times, but we can bounce back quicker with practice (and what a great example for our kids, too!)

Mistake # 3. You are being way too hard on yourself.

Sometimes, our expectations for ourselves are so unreasonably high, no wonder we feel crushed when we fall short. But being too hard on ourselves often ends up in being too hard on our kids, which can lead to a whole added level of stress & pain for them and for us. As you learn to acknowledge your frustrations and then let go of them, we hope that you’ll also remember to be kind to yourself. You’re allowed to make mistakes because you’re learning. Over time, you’re going to learn more and more and get better and better. What matters right now is that when you mess up, you pause, make space to breathe, and speak truth & life over the present moment instead of regretting the past or fearing the future.


Friend, I’m here to tell you from experience: the stressed out mom you’ve become is not the mom you will always be.

We believe in new mercies every morning, and God knows we need every bit of them to get through some days (okay, every day :) 

If you’re making these 3 mistakes, it’s OK! We’ve all made them before, and honestly, we’ll probably make them again! But once you name them, it’s easier to spot them, and to choose another way.

Let these mistakes till up the ground where beautiful things can grow again! We’re cheering you on, Mama!