Happy National Inventors Month!

May is National Inventors Month! It’s a great opportunity to inspire kids of all ages to dream big, stretch their imaginations, and explore the world of science and technology. Children can come up with the most wildly creative ideas. As parents, let’s nurture their minds, so that they have the potential to come up with their own inventions. Whether you’re 3 years old or 83 years old, inventing and experimenting can strengthen everyone’s problem-solving abilities.

Think of all the modern inventions that were designed with the safety of your kiddos in mind. From strollers and cradles, to toys and tricycles, each invention was created to fulfill a specific need. Here at Buggie Huggie™, we crafted both of our unique inventions to empower moms with tools that help reduce stress, build confidence, and eliminate mom guilt.

In honor of National Invention Month, we want to offer you 15% off our two life-changing inventions!


Our Shopping Cart Tray

Each year, over 24,000 children in the U.S. go to the emergency room from shopping cart accidents. It only takes the average preschooler about 3 seconds to be up and out of a shopping cart. This is probably why shopping carts are the #1 cause of head injuries in young children. Here at Buggie Huggie™, Nichole, the founder, dealt with horrible mom-guilt after her son Jonah had fell out of a shopping cart and hit his head on the floor. This inspired the design our Buggie Huggie™ Shopping Cart Tray that keeps kids safe and moms stress-free while shopping.

Our Shopping Cart Tray helps lower the risk of your child falling out of the cart. The Buggie Huggie’s double latch safety system helps prevent your child from trying to stand up and reach for items in the aisles. It features an adjustable grip mechanism, physical boundary, and a tray for snacks, games, coloring, and more. There are even clips on the front to attach your little one’s favorite toy or pacifier with no chance of it being left behind. Rest assured, this invention is easy to carry and fits into most diaper bags! Made with food-grade plastic and BPA-free material, our tray also passed all safety tests for the Consumer Product Safety Commission. It works with practically any shopping cart at the major retailers for an easy and quick set-up.


Our Phone Holder

If you want to add an additional feature to our Shopping Cart Tray, consider pairing it with our Phone Holder. This innovative device attaches securely to the tray handle, and firmly grips most Android and Apple phones. This is a great way to keep your kiddo occupied with educational videos, TV shows, or games, so you can conquer your grocery list with ease! It’s adjustable in every direction, and it can even be used on other items such as bicycles, treadmills, strollers, and more!

Both our inventions at Buggie Huggie™ are meant to make shopping easier and happier than ever before, meeting the needs of parents and children. As a family-centered company, we believe in helping families all over the world. Shop our collection to give your child the gift of safety and security now! (Besides…who knows what great things our kids will grow up to invent someday!!)