Is It Possible to Have Hands Free Shopping with Kids?

Are you tired of shopping with kids? (It’s OK - you’re free to tell the truth here! :)

Even before you became a mom, grocery shopping could be stressful on its own. The average supermarket has about 40,000 items on display, all competing for our attention. Many of us make hundreds of decisions in a 15-minute trip to the store like comparing prices to get a good value, finding substitutes when things are out of stock, and even checking ingredient lists to make healthier choices. 

Plus, it takes super-human willpower when you need to say “no” to those split-second impulse buys (lookin’ at you, Target clearance items!)

But now, as a mom with your little one (or two or more!) in the cart, you may find yourself saying “no” much more in the grocery store these days.

Now, you spend additional energy wondering how to keep your child safe, happy, and entertained with the least amount of effort possible. 

You’re not being lazy, Mama - you’re actually being super-smart to continue comparing prices, finding substitutes, and making choices that nourish your family. It’s just hard when our little ones have a different agenda for the trip, and you’re never quite sure what triggers a tantrum. 

If it feels like we get it, it’s because we do - we’ve been there...we are there.

But we also know there’s more to the story.

What if you could enjoy the convenience of hands free shopping, even if your kids were with you? It may sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. We believe can have a safe & happy kid in the cart while you continue to spend your time & energy well toward your shopping goals.


Because we believe in offering real help for parents while shopping with kids, we love sharing about the hands free shopping convenience the Buggie Huggie™ shopping cart tray has to offer. 

See, after Jonah fell out of the cart for the third time and had a meltdown so epic, I had to leave a cart full of groceries behind...let’s just say I was desperate for anything that would make shopping with him easier.

Having a hands free shopping experience seemed like a distant dream from a faraway land, but now it’s my real-life experience with the Buggie Huggie™! 

Grocery shopping may not be something you look forward to, but we hope the Buggie Huggie™ can make it become something you dread less. 

I made it for me, and I made it for you, Mama. Go ahead and check out what we love about it!