Shopping Online vs Shopping In Stores

Over the last decade, there has been a huge increase in online shopping. Many people have adapted their lives to this new convenience. In fact, we did our own poll on social media to see how you felt about it and saw that 61% preferred online shopping and 39% preferred shopping in stores. There’s no doubt that online shopping has increased rapidly over the last few years, especially among millennials, but it doesn’t appear to be that brick-and-mortar shopping will be going away anytime soon. We’d like to consider a few reasons why shopping in person may continue to benefit your shopping experience in the long run.

Shopping online can be unpredictable

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put in a pick-up order at my local grocery store and returned home only to find that multiple items were wrong. It’s especially unpredictable in the produce aisle. Shopping in person gives you the autonomy to select your product or if it’s out of stock, to decide what you’d like to purchase instead, rather than allowing someone else to make that decision for you. 

Human interaction is important!

Technology is developing faster than we can even cope with. We can’t forget that human interaction is important! According to this study performed by a neuroscience professor, human interaction is not only physically beneficial but also imperative for mental health. This isn’t only important for us as adults but for our children. Read our recent blog on 5 reasons to shop with your kids in person. We also understand that shopping with kids can be challenging, and that’s where the Buggie Huggie™ comes in to help with its innovative tray providing safety and entertainment for your child!

Instant gratification

Instead of having to wait for shipping or for your pick-up order to be ready, shopping in person gives you the product you need right when you need it. As a mom, I hardly ever have the forethought to prepare my grocery list in time to make a pick up order that may not even be ready until the next day. And then the few times I have attempted a pick-up order, I always forget something that I later have to go pick up at the store before I can start dinner. Not the most convenient experience for me as a mom. 

There is a time and place for online shopping and its conveniences can be advantageous to many people, but don’t forget that you’ll never get the fullest shopping experience as you will shopping in person.