Top 15 Toddler gifts for Christmas that encourage sensory play and learning

Any last minute shoppers out there needing some Christmas gift ideas for toddlers? We’ve got you covered! Choosing the right Christmas gift for your toddler can be overwhelming so we’ve compiled a list of some of our top 15 toddler Christmas gift ideas that encourage sensory play and learning! 

Before we get into the full toddler Christmas wish list, The Buggie Huggie may be the perfect gift you’re looking for for your toddler! If you find yourself in a constant panic while you shop, hoping your child hasn’t escaped the cart or had a huge meltdown wanting to leave the store, the Buggie Huggie may be the best gift. The Buggie Huggie is an innovative safety cover / tray that attaches to your shopping cart which helps secure & entertain your toddlers (ages 18 mo - 4 yr) while you shop in peace! It is an activity tray as well as a snack tray for your shopping cart. Learn more about How It Works here!

Christmas gifts for toddlers ages 15-24 months

Starting at 15 months, your toddler is finally slowing down enough to participate in more fine motor activities. But don’t be fooled, they still are non stop 24/7!  They are also less likely to keep putting everything in their mouth, especially by 18 months. You may find them more interested in tasks around the house as well. Here are a few items that will help develop those fine motor skills, engage them in daily life activities, and get all their energy out!


Pegboard Set 

Playdough tool set (cut outs, knife, roller, etc)

Learning stool or more expensive learning stool,

Foam play gym

Play tunnel 

Music Set  

The Buggie Huggie

Christmas gifts for toddlers ages 2-3 years

The cognitive development of toddlers ages 2-3 is rapidly changing. Your toddler may love to draw pictures, match colors and shapes or animals, play make believe, and can engage in even more independent activities around the house. They’re attention span may last on one activity for 5-15 minutes.  Here are a few toddler gift ideas for ages 2-3 that are our personal favorites!


Mop, Broom and Duster,

Baking Set

Play table and chairs 

Kids slide

Play kitchen 

Car Ramp

The Buggie Huggie

BONUS: Here are some great stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers 

  1. Fidget toy (great for shopping rides) 
  2. Washable large crayons
  3. Kinetic Sand 
  4. Safari Animals  
  5. Watercolor Paints
  6. Chunky Chalk

It is our mission at the Buggie Huggie to empower parents with tools that help reduce stress, build confidence, and help keep kids safe. We pray this Christmas season your families will be filled with peace, joy, and great memories! Happy Christmas shopping!