Toy must-haves for your Buggie Huggie tray!


You have your Buggie Huggie shopping cart tray, now you’re one step closer to shopping with ease! With the Buggie Huggie, your child is safely secured in the shopping cart and ready to enjoy the shopping cart tray. In addition to snacks, there are so many fun activities and toys that you can bring along for your shopping adventure in order to keep your little one occupied. Here are just a few of our top toy must-haves for your Buggie Huggie! 

Sensory toys. Walking into a grocery store for a child can be a sensory overload. Why not provide some fun distractions right on their Buggie Huggie tray to help keep them busy and entertained? Pop Its are a hot item for kids as young as 1 year old up to elementary age! Try to find Pop Its that have a clip so you can easily attach it to the Buggie Huggie tray. 

Another favorite is playdough! Don’t forget, the Buggie Huggie is dishwasher safe, so you can easily wash it after a grocery run that involves playdough. Playdough is typically appropriate for older toddlers and preschoolers. Try our homemade playdough recipe below for another fun activity to do before heading to the grocery store! 


Learning activities. Coloring is a fantastic activity for your toddler or preschooler while using the Buggie Huggie tray! There is plenty of space for them to color and store their crayons on the tray. You can also utilize the Phone Holder accessory to play an educational show for your child. Our family’s personal favorite is Daniel Tiger. Another option is bringing your child’s favorite book to the store with you. My son’s favorite board book series is the Little Blue Truck. Another great collection for those younger toddlers are the Indestructibles


Toys that attach to the Buggie Huggie. A great feature of the Buggie Huggie are the rings at the front of the tray where you can easily attach toys, teethers, or snack containers to limit your child’s ability to throw items on the floor. Here are some toy clips you might consider purchasing for your Buggie Huggie. Other toys you could attach, especially for younger toddlers who still like to throw things, would be teethers. Our two favorites are the Teether Pop and the Baby Elefun teething toy. 

With a few tools in your belt, shopping with toddlers can be easy and fun! Happy shopping, parents!