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The Buggie Huggie Cell Phone Holder will be your #1 tool while you shop. A tool for you and your child to use. It’s lightweight and portable design makes it extremely easy to use anywhere and anytime. With a 360-degree rotation design you’re able to adjust your phone to the most comfortable viewing angle. When parents are done checking their shopping list, clipping coupons, and comparing prices you can rotate the phone over to your child. Your child can now enjoy their favorite show or game app while you shop in peace. No more phones being dropped, scratched, or broken! Our phone holder is designed with soft rubber grips to ensure that your phone or device remains firmly in place without causing scratches. It’s compatible with most Android and Iphone devices, sized 3.5 - 6 inches.

Use this phone holder in multiple ways. The flexible clasp gives you the ability to mount your phone almost anywhere. It can be used on our Buggie Huggie Safety Shopping Cart Cover/Tray, a stroller handle, on your car or bicycle steering wheel, a treadmill handle, and more.

What Moms Love:
  • Attaches securely to tray handle
  • Firmly grips most Android and Apple phones
  • Adjustable in every direction
  • Can be used in other ways (bicycle bar, treadmill handle, stroller handles, and many more