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Buggie Huggie Phone Holder
Buggie Huggie Phone Holder
Buggie Huggie Phone Holder
Buggie Huggie Phone Holder
Buggie Huggie Phone Holder
Buggie Huggie Phone Holder
Buggie Huggie Phone Holder
Buggie Huggie Phone Holder

Buggie Huggie Phone Holder

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What Moms Love:
  • Attaches securely to tray handle
  • Firmly grips most Android and Apple phones
  • Adjustable in every direction
  • Can be used in other ways (bicycle bar, treadmill handle, stroller handles, and many more

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Real Reviews From Real Customers

With four kids I have seen all of the unique ways that kids can get out of sitting down in the cart at the grocery store.  They wiggle, scream, throw fits, and negotiate, but since we've gotten the Buggie Huggie, my youngest is happily content to sit and play with his toys or eat his snacks while I shop in peace.

Crystal R.

Having to take two toddler boys grocery shopping is already stressful as it is, but using the Buggie Huggie has made grocery shopping less stressful knowing that both boys are secure and safe!  All I have to do is pack some snacks, and a toy or two, and my Buggie Huggie, and we are all ready to shop in peace.

Bianca T.

As a grandmother, the Buggie Huggie is a must!  I can place my grandchild in one and know that they are secure, freely entertained, and happy!  The Buggie Huggie cuts my shopping time down and makes shopping much more pleasant.  I highly recommend it to any grandparent, parent, nanny, or friend.  I can't imagine my shopping trips without one!

Pattie M.

The Buggie Huggie makes my shopping experience much more peaceful and efficient. I love that my daughter can be entertained while I'm in and out of the store!

Anneli M.

My plight when going shopping with 2 kids usually revolves around handling too many things while trying to maintain sanity and get it done.  Buggie Huggie is a life saver!  It keeps my kids secure, entertained, happy, and gives me the freedom to shop and hold onto my sanity!

Deborah A.

Being a mom of 3, my very active "almost" toddler wants to consistently get out of the cart to follow his siblings around, but that doesn't happen anymore with the Buggie Huggie.  My shopping experience has been stress-free with it, and I'm so happy that my son is having fun as well.  We love the Buggie Huggie!  It's compact and easy to use!

Charlene M.

The only thing wrong with this product is the timing!  I wish I had the Buggie Huggie with my four other kiddos!  Thank you for this!

Angie A.

The Buggie Huggie is like a high chair tray for shopping carts and every mom’s dream of a peaceful shopping experience!

Natalie M.

The Buggie Huggie is lightweight and collapsible so it transports easily in my diaper bag. It snaps on to almost any shopping cart and from there I can use the tray to put snacks, a tablet, or Jordy’s favorite toy to keep her happy while I browse the aisles.

Juliana B.

Let’s just say it’s a game-changer. Little man is safe and secure thanks to the double-latch safety system and he loves having a tray for his snacks or toys. I personally love being able to attach my phone so I can make sure I’m grabbing all that’s on my list hands free.

Sammy S.

Not only does the tray provide an extra layer of security by not allowing my babies to wiggle out of those less than trustworthy straps, but it’s also perfect for helping distract my kiddos while I shop by giving them a space for coloring, games, or snacks!

Gabby F.

You NEED this amazing product! I promise you, mama, shopping with your babies will never be the same! It’s been an absolute game-changer when going to the grocery store. It gives me so much peace of mind about keeping my girls safe from all kinds of harm like possible falls or injuries or germs that could make them sick. It’s one of the easiest mom tools I have used.

Marianne J.

Remi is getting to the age where it can be hard to keep her still in the shopping cart while I shop. She tries to stand up and crawl out, which can be a little terrifying as a first-time mom. I don’t want her to fall out and hit her head like so many kids do. That’s why I’m so glad I found Buggie Huggie!

Kate R.

My kids were entertained and secured while shopping. I now keep it in my car for all future shopping trips!

Mindy H.

I’m obsessing over this shopping cart tray for Lilah. It comes in handy for those crazy long shopping trips! It keeps her nice and secure as well as giving us a space to put snacks. The phone grip is perfect so she can watch her favorite shows too!

Alli S.